The Sarcastic-inator

Bɛƈɑμʂɛ ʈɦɛ ωоɾɭɖ ɳɛɛɖʂ ɑ ʂɑɾƈɑʂʈίƈ ƒоɳʈ!

"We're dripping with sarcasm."

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Text to sarcasticify:

sarcasm   [sahr-kaz-uh m]   adjective
1.  writing that is harsh or bitter irony
2.  undistinguishable on the internet from genuine writing
Origin:  1570-1580, Latin or Greek

sarcastic   [sahr-kas-tik]   adjective
1.  of, relating to, or characterized by sarcasm, either harsh/ironic or genuine writing
Origin:  1685-1695, Latin or Greek

sarcastic-inator   [sahr-kas-tik-i-ney-ter]   noun
1.  a machine on the internet that will distinguish between genuine and sarcastic writing, capable of a sustained 2.6 petaflops that performs sarcasticification
Origin:  2016, Longmont, Colorado

sarcastic-ify   [sahr-kas-ti-kah-fahy]   verb
1.  to modify text to distinguish between genuine and sarcastic writing
2.  the official text of sarcasm, even though the author of this page never actually uses this.
Origin:  2016, Longmont, Colorado

sarcastic-ification   [sahr-kas-tik-i-fah-kay-shuh n]   noun
1.  the output of  The Sarcastic-inator that is sarcastic text
Origin:  2016, Longmont, Colorado

Why did I make this website?

You can't tell when someone is being sarcastic, especially in such items as a Facebook comment.  Some people have proposed a backward italic font for sarcastic text.  Yeah, good luck with that. What are the odds that you'll be able to use such a font on Facebook?  Darn near zero.  So, time to use existing Unicode characters to solve the problem.
Why aren't capital letters translated? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T YELL SARCASTICALLY!

By the way - I do not choose the ads.

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